Degussa is one of Germany’s leading lights in physical precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

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Safe Deposit Boxes

Your precious metals are safe with us: Store your valuables (including jewelry, documents and other items of value) conveniently and discretely at Degussa in Zurich.

Details on our safe deposit boxes

We can send your purchases to you at low cost within Switzerland. If you wish to collect prepaid merchandise personally, you are welcome to visit us in Zurich by appointment!

Our collection address in Zurich

1 kg Degussa gold ingot
38,377.00 CHF
250 g Degussa gold ingot
9,653.00 CHF
100 g Degussa gold bar
3,894.00 CHF
1 oz Krügerrand gold coin
1,235.00 CHF
Every investment is a matter of trust. This is why Degussa Goldhandel AG is a member of ACI SUISSE and VQF Financial Services Standards Association.

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