Degussa Goldhandel - Gold und Silber

What makes gold the ideal investment?

Find the precious metal that suits you best.


Play it safe – with gold:

Gold is the definitive stable investment. It has been revered and used as a valuable commodity for over 4,500 years. There is no substitute for gold on the jewellery market. It is frequently used in modern technology. And its long history as a reliable hedge against inflation speaks for itself. All this makes gold the safest stake you can hold.

Stay on the cutting edge – with silver:

There are two sides to silver. On the one hand, its price is the most volatile among precious metals; savvy traders can turn profits with it day after day. On the other, it is much like its big brother gold - a reliable hedge against inflationary times. Silver’s many uses as a versatile industrial metal for key devices such as mobile phones and computers ensure silver is of enduring value.

Keep on top of it – with platinum:

Platinum is the industrial metal par excellence. This makes it the perfect for people with a good feel for economic trends. No other precious metal lets you invest with such pinpoint precision. And there is no need for concern about platinum’s long-term value: It is fundamental to the automotive sector and therefore part of one of the strongest industries of all.

Think well ahead – with palladium:

Palladium, as a rarely traded precious metal, is an interesting prospect for investors with a long-term outlook because speculators have practically no influence on its price. What is more, palladium is an important metal for future technologies such as nanotechnology, which makes it a bit of a sleeper for long-term investors to enjoy.

Achieve much soon – with rhodium:

Rhodium will probably always be a favourite among speculators. No other precious metal offers so many opportunities with such regularity to turn profits on price fluctuations. Nevertheless, rhodium is vital to the chemical and automotive industries, which protects this precious metal’s value as a long-term asset despite the speculative trading.