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تربطنا شراكات مهمة مع خبراء المعادن النفيسة في جميع أنحاء العالم

من خلال عضويتنا في الجمعيات والمنظمات علي الصعيدين المحلي  والخارجي ، نحن نسعى باستمرار إلى تعزيز معرفتنا وصقل مهاراتنا وتبادل الأفكار مع الأخرين من خلال الانخراط في الجهود العلمية المشتركة ، وأخيرًا  من أجل التمسك بنفس المعاييرالعالية للجودة

تعد ديغوسا عضوا مهم في الجمعيات التالية في سويسرا

The Swiss Better Gold Association improves working and living conditions in artisanal and small-scale gold mining communities (ASGM), and facilitates the creation of responsible supply chains from ASGM operations to the Swiss market.


SRO Member – an officially recognized self regulatory organization (SRO) according to the Anti-Money-Laundering Act (AMLA).

ACI is a global organization devoted to proactively representing the professional interests of its members.

This numismatic society promotes numismatics by publishing journals, staging events and contributing to other publications.

The association brings together the professional experts around numismatics. It is dedicated to the study of numismatics and the hobby of coin collecting.

This is an association of professional firms and executives in Switzerland in the field of commodity trading.

Zug Commodity Association ZCA has members that are principally active in metals and energy trading. ZCA keeps a strong focus on providing specialist professional training and education, alongside is support for STSA’s efforts to explain the commodity industry to the authorities and the general public.

The Swiss Trading & Shipping Association (STSA) is a non-profit, non-political Swiss association representing companies active in commodity trading and shipping activities, trade finance and related services.


Die LBMA koordiniert den Handel am Londoner Edelmetallmarkt und setzt weltweit akzeptierte Standards für den Handel mit Gold und Silber.

The LPPM in London is one of the leading trading association in the world, with the task of facilitating trading of Platinum and Palladium

فروعنا في جميع أنحاء العالم

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