We only sell at the counter against cash or cards:


  • All our Degussa Gold bars 1g bis 1kg
  • 1 oz Kruger
  • 1oz bis 1/4oz Philharmoniker
  • 2 Rand
  • 10er und 20er Vreneli
  • 20er Helvetia
  • 20er Napoleon
  • GBP 1 Sovereign
  • 1oz Goldhans Matterhorn
  • 1oz Goldhans Tell
  • 1oz Israel, all
  • 1/2oz bis 1/10oz Lunar II & III
  • 1er und 4er Dukaten
  • 8er Florin
  • 100er Kronen
  • 20 Goldmark


  • 1oz Maple Leaf
  • 1oz Hans Matterhorn
  • 1oz Hans Tell
  • 1oz Lunar ll & III
  • 1oz Israel, all
  • 1oz Silver coin Matterhorn 150 Jahre
  • 1oz Silver coin Schützentaler 2018 und 2019


  • 1oz Maple Leaf


  • Nothing

Everything else has to be ordered through our online shop and will be sent to your home address by the Swiss Post.


  • All kinds of bars and coins
  • Scrap Gold, larger quantities of goods must be deposited. You will then be contacted and informed about the results
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