Britannia 2021 Britannia 2021 New edition Neu Lunar lll Serie 2021 Ochse New Lunar lll Series 2021 Ox Available now Stiftung Theodora Foundation Theodora Children’s laughter is golden When gold and crypto find each other For the first time in Switzerland: Degussa in Zurich and Geneva
accepts cryptocurrencies for purchasing precious metals
your safe deposit box at degussa Your precious metals are safe with us: Store your valuables
(including jewellery, documents and other items of value)
conveniently and discretely at Degussa in Zurich and Geneva.
Degussa Goldhandel frohe Weihnachten Degussa Goldhandel frohe Weihnachten Numismatics at fair prices You can now order many of our numismatic treasures in our
online shop as well. It goes without saying that these historical items
continue to also be available in our regular shops.

The Whole Wide World of Precious Metals

Degussa in Zurich and Geneva

As Europe‘s leading independent precious metals retailer, Degussa is your contact of choice for all questions relating to gold, silver and platinum. Whatever you wish to do – invest in indelible assets over the long term, pursue your interest in bullion or collectible coins, or find a glittering gift idea – we are here to serve you in our Zurich and Geneva showrooms.

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