Degussa is committed to the sustainable stewardship of natural resources around the world. This is why we source our bars exclusively from manufacturers that have earned the worldwide acknowledged “London Good Delivery Standard” seal of approval and that have verified the integrity of their supply chains.

When we furnish precious metals to these manufactures, we rely exclusively on two sources. One is a select group of certified traders and banks that supply recycled metals of European origin. The other is publicly traded mining companies that have earned our trust with their sustainable environmental practices and principled treatment of employees.

We expect all our suppliers to follow the same ethical principles that guide us: They shall not buy precious metals or other goods from war zones, trouble spots or other dubious sources. They shall respect the human rights and protect the health and safety of their employees, and require their suppliers to do the same. They shall not tolerate any form of corruption or bribery. They shall not only abide by the laws governing environmental protection, but also strive to constantly optimize their processes above and beyond the statutory requirements.