What precious metal investments does Degussa offer?

Degussa gold bars are available in weights ranging from 1 gram up to 1 kilogramme, and all with a fineness of 999.9/1000. Our bars up to 100 grams are minted; the larger bars up to 1 kilogramme (apart from 10-ounce gold bars) come in the conventional cast format.

You will recognise every Degussa bar by our traditional hallmark, a sun and moon enclosed by a diamond.

Our bars are made on behalf of Degussa Goldhandel GmbH by LBMA-certified companies.

Degussa silver bars are available with a fine weight ranging from 1 oz to 15 kg.

Degussa bars made of platinum and palladium are available with a fine weight ranging from
1 oz to 1 kg.

Unique in Germany and Switzerland:
Degussa rhodium bars are available in 1 oz and 100 g sizes.

We also offer the most popular gold and silver bullion coins in the standard denominations.

Does Degussa also buy precious metals?

We will be able to buy items as soon as we have opened our Zurich showroom.

Does Degussa offer the option of buying precious metals via Internet?

Yes. At this time, we are able to deliver within Switzerland.

Our online shop for customers in Switzerland can be found here.

Can I call or email Degussa to order precious metals?

We offer you the opportunity to order precious metals from us by phone or email, and then collect the prepaid merchandise at our Zurich office by appointment arranged over the phone. We will be able to welcome you to an attractive showroom in Zurich in the course of 2012.

Is Degussa always able to deliver?

We offer our customers excellent opportunities to invest in premium precious metals. And we are determined to provide excellent service to every customer. Part of this service excellence entails keeping plenty of products in stock so our customers are never compelled to wait, even in times of soaring demand. This applies not only to Degussa bars, but also to standard bullion coins. However, availability may be limited for some of the more uncommon coins produced in very low numbers and or issued in limited quantities.

Who owns Degussa?

Degussa is the wholly owned subsidiary of an investment trust held by one of Germany’s wealthiest families. In 2010, this investment firm acquired the rights to the brand in connection with the precious metal business from Evonik Industries AG, and then founded Degussa.

Does Degussa make its newly issued bars?

Degussa does not have the capacity to produce precious metal bars at this time. Our mission is to offer premium-quality, precious metal investments at attractive prices to our customers. This is why we outsource the production of our bars with the world-famous signature and sun/moon logo to the best precious metal refineries in Switzerland. They have the decades of experience necessary to meet our standards for quality.

What is Degussa’s policy on sustainability and corporate social responsibility?

Degussa is committed to the sustainable stewardship of natural resources around the world. This is why we source our bars exclusively from manufacturers that have earned the worldwide acknowledged “London Good Delivery Standard” seal of approval and that have verified the integrity of their supply chains.

When we furnish precious metals to these manufactures, we rely exclusively on two sources. One is a select group of certified traders and banks that supply recycled metals of European origin. The other is publicly traded mining companies that have earned our trust with their sustainable environmental practices and principled treatment of employees.

We expect all our suppliers to follow the same ethical principles that guide us: They shall not buy precious metals or other goods from war zones, trouble spots or other dubious sources. They shall respect the human rights and protect the health and safety of their employees, and require their suppliers to do the same. They shall not tolerate any form of corruption or bribery. They shall not only abide by the laws governing environmental protection, but also strive to constantly optimize their processes above and beyond the statutory requirements.

How does Degussa ensure precious metals’ security?

The security of employees and precious metal holdings are a top priority at Degussa. Most of our inventory is stored in high-security vaults at other locations and is heavily guarded day and night. Items are delivered on demand to our subsidiaries, where they are placed in specially built vaults. They are accessible to personnel only during our business hours. At all other times, they are hermetically sealed by time-release locks.