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Buying gold and silver is a matter of trust. When you visit our showrooms, we will devote all the time you need to advise you on traditional Degussa bars. And what is more, we always have the most popular bullion coins in stock for you.

You may pay for your purchase in cash or with an EC debit card and PIN and take your purchase home with you. If you prefer to pay in advance via a bank transfer, you may pick up your purchase as soon as the payment has cleared our account.

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Many of our customers know us mainly because of our Degussa bars, which are much in demand worldwide. However, as a well-known precious metal business it is particularly important for us to offer you a complete range of products and services:


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You can find precious metals in which to invest in the form of coins and bars in our online shop. We have also brought together coins for you from the heyday of the gold standard starting from 1800.

Gift ideas such as gold roses, cufflinks made from Krugerrand coins. High-quality jewellery, watches and fountain pens – you’ll find all of these in our gold gift shop.

Limited Special Edition

Degussa Goldhandel 1 oz Silberbarren Zürich

The 1 oz Degussa Zurich Limited Edition silver bar features the Grossmünster, Zurich’s iconic landmark, on the reverse side.