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Degussa Goldhandel 150 Jahre Matterhorn Erstbesteigung
Degussa Goldhandel 150 Jahre Matterhorn Erstbesteigung

Zurich,3rd of June 2015 – Degussa Goldhandel AG Switzerland launches two special one ounce coins in gold and silver on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the first ascent of the Matterhorn. In recognition of the anniversary, the gold coin is strictly limited to 150 copies, and the silver coin will only be available for a limited time. The front of the coins depicts the group of climbers around the British mountaineer, Edward Whymper, who were the first to climb the 4,478-metre high summit of the Matterhorn on 14 July 1865. The reverse side bears the logo of the Zermatt tourism company which includes a depiction of the pyramid-shaped summit of the Matterhorn. The limited edition number is also stamped on the gold coin.

Both the gold and silver coins come in the highest level of fineness (24 carat 999,9 gold and 999 silver). The limited number of the gold coins and the time limit on the availability of the silver coins means they are both expected to increase in value to the collector. The gold coin is available for a fixed price of CHF 1,500, and the silver coin for CHF 50. The gold coin comes with an original Matterhorn stone, and all 150 stones for the special edition were personally collected and selected by the Resort Director of the Municipality of Zermatt, Daniel Luggen. The pieces come with a high-quality case and are available to buy in the Degussa store in Zurich, in the Zermatt tourism official merchandising store in the Hörnihütte on the Matterhorn and in selected jewellers in Zermatt. The coins are also available from Degussa Goldhandel in Germany.

Andreas Hablützel, Managing Director of Degussa Goldhandel AG in Zurich, Switzerland: For us as a company, the anniversary of the conquest of the Matterhorn was a very special occasion which we naturally wanted to honour appropriately.” Hablützel goes on “For the Matterhorn is ultimately one of the most famous mountains in the world, because of its striking shape, and a trademark for all of Switzerland.” So we were delighted to offer this very special coin in association with Zermatt Tourism. “Bringing together value and an appropriate look was something really special for us. And we have also been able to give the gold coin authentic character with the Matterhorn stone and rarity value thanks to the low numbers produced.”

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