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Precious metals are your best business card

Gold and silver offer you great opportunities to make a good impression with your business partners. Show, for example, that your name represents lasting value – with your Degussa Precious Metal Gift Card for embossed 1g to 100g ingots. It consists of a precious metal bullion of your choice, from small silver ingots to gold bars. On the bullion, we can print your logo, your address and your advertising message with a motive.

We develop your personal motif in the form of ingot or coin

Printed seals were once the privilege of great rulers. Today, Degussa allows you to craft gold or silver bars with your individual designs, for example for company anniversaries or other special events.

Upon request, we can develop your personal gift bar or investment coin for you from a 250 piece order. Contact us!


Create an individual gold and silver coin with the logo of your company or club

The special edition Matterhorn was launched on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the first ascent with the Zermatt Tourist Board. The play of the 26th Zurich Kantonalschützenfest was a production specially commissioned for the occasion.

Degussa Zuercher Kantonalschuetzenfest Etui
Degussa Zuercher Kantonalschuetzenfest Etui
Degussa Zuercher Kantonalschuetzenfest Etui

Do you want to offer lasting values ​​with a very personal message?

Or do you want to mark your investment bars individually and specifically? Our engraving service makes it possible. Just ask in our stores in Zurich and Geneva. We will show you some display suggestions and gift ideas, and we will find together a suitable font and execute the engraving carefully.

Degussag Goldhandel Gravur Beispiele