Degussa Zollfreilager

Store safely your precious metals in Degussa’s customs warehouse

Our high-security warehouses ensure safety standards that would usually only benefits institutional investors. You opt for a professional storage of your precious metals outside the banking system. For silver, platinum and palladium, you can purchase and store your bars in one of our customs warehouse, where VAT is only applicable if you take delivery physically of your precious metals.

Storage site

Our high security warehouses are located in Switzerland. Upon request, international safekeeping in Europe, Asia or North America is also possible. Degussa partner companies on all continents will provide equivalent high security custody deposit services. Deposits are made as individual custody, which always maintains your ownership status. An auditor regularly checks the stocks, and you receive detailed information on your inventory on a yearly basis.


To open a Degussa customs warehouse, the minimum value is CHF 250,000.

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Degussa Schrankfächer

We will advise you individually on all the storage possibilities at Degussa!


Storage Value Storage costs/year
CHF 250.000-.  –  1.000.000.- 0,50 %
CHF 1.000.000.-  –  5.000.000.- 0,25 %
above CHF 5.000.000.- On demand

Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium

Storage Value Storage costs/year
CHF 250.000-.  –  1.000.000.- 1,50 %
CHF 1.000.000.-  –  5.000.000.- 1,00 %
above CHF 5.000.000.- On demand