Verpfändung Goldbarren

Now at Degussa Switzerland, customers can store their precious metals safely, while receiving cash in the form of an interest-bearing loan. It is also known as “Gold Lending” representing up to 50% of the market value of the gold deposited.

This special loan service is particularly suitable for clients who need temporary financial resources but do not want to give up their coins and bars permanently. They now have the opportunity to pledge their precious metals reserves at Degussa in a simple way. The objects are fully insured and stored in high security safes in Zurich and Geneva.

The minimum loan amount is CHF 100,000.- with an investment of 50%, which represent a minimum investment of CHF 200,000 in gold. The annual interest rate is 5% . As a guarantee, Degussa accepts investment bars of all sizes – for example traditional Degussa bars – and gold coins, such as Krugerrand, American Eagle or Maple Leaf. Before being pledged, the authenticity of the coins is verified by our specialists.

High quality products, safe storage of payment facilities and modern credit are commonplace at Degussa. This isn’t only good for gold bugs.