A precious metal is never lost; it merely changes its shape

Have you found that you practically never wear your gold jewellery? Or that valuable pieces from an inheritance do not suit your style? The beauty of precious metals is that they can always be easily converted back into cash.

Trust in our great experience

We buy your gold jewellery, other old gold and silverware at fair market prices updated daily. Older gold and silver bullion bars and coins are also in the best of hands with us. Rest assured, you can trust in our experts’ assessment. Every transaction is very simple and straightforward.

We pay for your items immediately and in cash, of course. If you wish, you can also opt to buy new investment bars or coins from us with the proceeds from the sale.

Fair market prices update daily

Degussa Altgold

As a major precious metals company, we are always in the market for old gold and silverware, which is generally melted down and made into new bars.

Kursblatt vom 23.05.2022 11:15:37 Uhr

Nummer Kategorie Ankauf Netto
810000 Melt gold, fineness less than 999 (coins and medallions), per gram of fine gold content 53.75 CHF
810050 Gold jewellery per gram of fine gold content 53.75 CHF
810060 Dental gold per gram of fine gold content 45.75 CHF
820000 Melt silver 999 0.53 CHF
820010 Silver jewellery and silverware, fineness less than 900, per gram fine silver content 0.49 CHF
820050 Silver jewellery per gram fine silver content 0.49 CHF

Please note when checking your gold at home: Gold jewellery usually carries a stamp verifying its authenticity and gold content. For example, a stamp that reads 585 indicates 58.5 percent gold content. The remainder consists of added other metals. A 585 gold chain weighing 120 grams would therefore yield 70.2 grams of fine gold (120 grams x 0.585 = 70.2 grams). This weight would then be multiplied by the aforementioned price per gram.

Overview of the gold alloys

24 carat
999,9 gold = 24 carat
22 carat
916,66 gold = 22 carat
21 carat
875 gold = 21 carat
20 carat
833 gold = 20 carat
18 carat
750 gold = 18 carat
14 carat
585 gold = 14 carat
10 carat
417 gold = 10 carat
9 carat
375 gold = 9 carat
8 carat
333 gold = 8 carat