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Widely considered the place for security internationally, Switzerland also represents a high level of discretion. But unfortunately the reality does not look good when it comes to storing your valuables at home. Although the number of burglaries has declined slightly over the past few years, the risk of becoming a victim of burglary in Switzerland is relatively high in an international comparison. According to Police crime statistics, just under 40,000 burglaries in private households were reported in Switzerland. This is equivalent to 113 every day, or just under 5 burglaries every hour. The figures for 2019 are expected to be even higher.
If you own valuable jewellery, watches or similar, you will know how important safe and discreet storage is. Demand is growing everywhere, Switzerland included. One option is to keep valuables at home. Yet, this has proven many times to be unreliable. In addition, appropriate storage and insurance of a reasonable safe often entail high costs. Storing valuables in a bank safe deposit box has the drawback that only customers who actually hold an account with the bank are able to open a safe deposit box. Furthermore, owing to the automatic international exchange of information by banks the customer’s name will be disclosed.


For these reasons the Degussa safe deposit boxes in Geneva and Zurich offer an ideal alternative. The largest precious metals house in Europe has many years of experience and understands what matters when it comes to the safe and fuss-free storage of valuables.
As Andreas Hablützel, CEO of Degussa, explains : “Our safe deposit boxes allow reliable and inexpensive storage outside the banking sector. We do not require you to open a customer account, and so a safe deposit box can be rented easily.
Moreover, Degussa’s safe deposit boxes are centrally located. Degussa’s premises are based at the heart of the Geneva and Zurich city centres and can thus be easily reached. Here, you can buy the well-known Degussa gold bars as an investment, or you can rent high-security safe deposit boxes in seven different sizes. “Alongside valuables such as precious metals and special jewellery, our customers also store items such as important documents with us”, Mr Hablützel goes on to explain. The value of the deposit can be insured at the customer’s request ; amounts can be set individually, there is no upper limit.


Degussa also offers a variety of collective storage depots for larger amounts of precious metals. Because investment gold, unlike silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium, is exempt from VAT in Switzerland, Degussa also provides an attractive storage option for so-called white metals. In bonded warehouses the VAT payable does not fall due until actual physical delivery of the precious metal has taken place. The warehouses are kept under surveillance and officially approved, with locations in Zurich, Geneva, London and Frankfurt. The goods are stored without paying tax or excise duties.


Degussa also offers its customers the option to hold their valuables in a high-security warehouse in North America or Asia (deposits of 5 kg or more). Customers are able to decide for themselves whether they wish to store their precious metal bars in North America at locations in Miami, New York or Los Angeles, or whether they would prefer Hong Kong or Singapore. Whatever the case, Degussa is the partner of the warehouses and so customers remain anonymous to third parties. “We want to offer our customers the safest, most discreet and fuss-free storage options, including for larger holdings of precious metals. Our collective storage depots allow us to offer a quality and choice rarely encountered elsewhere”, affirms Mr Halblützel.

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