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Gold has served people around the world as a store of value for over 3,000 years. It is the only currency to have endured all this time, defying every crisis along the way. Gold has remained impervious to inflationary monetary policy and it cannot be reproduced by simply printing more of it. Gold is worth its weight in gold.


As the oldest documented discovery of gold jewellery (4,600 BC) would attest, humans have been fascinated with gold since the dawn of the earliest civilisations. Its allure has persisted through the ages. Gold shines as brightly today as it did then. The appeal of its impressive heft and warm feel is undiminished – if anything, it has increased.


Gold has become indispensable to modern society in recent decades. Wireless communication, computers, aerospace, medicine – the very domains that mean the most to modern man depend on this precious metal. Even the most sophisticated of technologies – nanotechnology – cannot do without gold, so it is sure to figure prominently in humankind’s future.

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